The Starter Kit promotion, which is also the Ultimate Bundle, is ending tonight.  There are a lot of reasons to take advantage of this great offer.  I promise you that there is NO pressure from anyone to ever place another order.  When I joined it was only for the discount.  That is the number one reason demonstrators give as to why they joined.

The joining was the beginning of a wonderful experience for me.  Being part of a team and group of people who loved stamping / paper crafting as much as I do.  We understand each other’s excitement over new products and ideas.  I would love to have you join my team.  Below is a list of advantages that you may not think of.

  • For the price of $99.00, you get to choose $168.75 in products of your choice.  Do you have a long wish list?  This could help to whittle it down some.
  • The November 11th Onstage @ Home registration will be included at no cost.  The cost  for this is $77.00.  You get it as an added Bonus!
  • Shipping is Free!!!  Shipping on the Starter Kit is free.  (not future orders)  That is almost $20.00 you are saving.


  • There is no requirement to place another order!  BUT if you decide to do that, you will receive a 20% discount on that order and any other order.
  • Join my Blue Star Team, and the InKing Royalty Team.
  • The opportunity to Pre-order in December from the January Mini Catalog before it goes live.
  • Your quarterly requirement to place a $300.00 order is not until the first quarter of 2024.
  • You would be eligible to register for the In Person On Stage Event in Houston, Texas that will be held in March.

I would love to talk with you about the promotion and answer any questions you may have.  Please reach out to me.  But the bewitching hour is midnight tonight!  Happy Halloween !!!



Starter Kit promotion

Reminder of the Join Promotion!!!   I would love to have you join my team.  There is no pressure to ever place another order.  Although you do get a discount being a demonstrator!!  Plus we have so much fun sharing our ideas and just enjoying ourselves while stamping.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  I would love to talk with you.  🙂

Online exclusives are here to stay!  Click on the photo and be taken directly to them in my online store.  If you place an order, please use my Host Code listed just below.




My OCTOBER Host Code is NYVXHUMX.  Please use this code for orders under $150.00.  I will have a small gift for those with orders over $50.00 in addition to the Perk Rewards Program.  You can read all of the information at the top of the page in the Menu Bar under SHOP / Perks.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed today’s project and will come back.  I do read and reply to all of the comments individually.  They mean a lot to me.  Please reach out if you have a question.

Smile and Keep On Stamping,