I always seem to be looking for something to write on, and usually find several post it note holders laying around.  But for today’s project I have combined a Post It Note holder with a space to keep the 3X3 notecards for a Random Act of Kindness.  Yes an odd pairing, but I have both in my purse anyway.  It is designed to keep your little note cards from getting damaged before you can hand them out.


Share What You Love Designer Series Paper, 146926


It was hard to cut into this gorgeous paper!  However, the thickness of the paper is perfect for this type project.  Usually for these holders they are made of card stock and then another layer on top is decorated.  This specialty paper takes away the need for that additional layer because it would be hard to improve on this beauty!  Here are pictures of the inside.  I used a different pattern from the same DSP package for the envelope to hold the cards.



I definitely do not have the touch with these type projects that my friend and fellow SU Demonstrator Julie DiMatteo does. (The Paper Pixie)  But this one is really easy.  I have included the measurements below.  And if you did not want the addition of the note card holder, it is simple to cut the paper without that added length. Simply make it 3 1/2 X 7 7/8 (or 8).   It holds 3X3 size Post It Notes, and 3X3 notecards in their envelopes.

I added magnets to the project to hold it closed.  This can be done with other means, or not at all.

I appreciate you visiting today and love to read your comments.  The DSP special for July is almost over, and unfortunately this DSP I used is not on the sale list.  Sorry about that.  But remember the JOIN Special gets you 10 FREE Ink Pads!!!

MEASUREMENTS and Directions:  There are many videos on the notepad/pen holder portion of this project if my directions are not clear.

  • Base is 3 1/2 X 12
  • Score at 3 1/8, 3 5/8, 4 1/8, 7 7/8, and 8 1/2
  • Fold and burnish on all of the score lines
  • For the pen slot, fold the first three scored sections so that the center one is up and the other two are touching.  Cut 2 times into the scored sections approximately 1/2 apart.  (You should be able to see how to finish that part from the photo)
  • 3X3 envelope: Begin with a 6X6 piece of matching card stock or DSP
  • Using the Envelope Punch Board, punch and score at the 3″ mark.  Repeat this on all four sides, as you would to make an envelope with the board.
  • Now go back and score only at 2 3/4 on all 4 sides.
  • Fold and burnish all of the score lines.
  • Cut away all 4 of the corners.
  • Adhere the envelope together as you would any envelope.  Round the flap you have chosen for the top.
  • To adhere the envelope to the inside of the top flap of notepad: place your 3X3 cards in their envelopes and place them in this envelope.  (It comfortable holds 3)
  • Place Tear & Tape on the back of the envelope and adhere to the inside of the top flap of your pad holder.



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