Today’s card is a fairly “clean” card.  At least for me anyway.  It stars the Delicate Forest stamp set and is a two tone card.


Stampin' Up!, Delicate Forest, Rainbow Dots, Boho Blue Ribbon, Jackie Beers



This simple, and perfect, little tree is just enough to work on this card.  It is from the Delicate Forest stamp set.  This is a Bundle set, but I only utilized the stamps.  I wanted a quick and easy, and ended with Quick, Easy, and Clean all in one.  Clean is not something I can say very often.  I like layers and texture.

The sentiment is also from the stamp set.  The boldness of the letters is a bit of contrast to the softer tree.  For the inside of the card, which I show a bit further down, I also added a small stamp of trees.  The inside sentiment is absent as this could be a “wait and see what you need” type card regarding that sentiment.


The idea from the beginning was the two tone card.  So I began with Basic White, and this is the regular weight.  Next is the layer of Boho Blue.  Followed by another Basic White.  Then I wrapped the two layers with the Boho Blue Ribbon.  I was being a little different for me and added a layer to the inside.  By using the regular weight Basic White, it was fine to add another layer without making it too thick.  Here is a view of the inside.




The Boho Blue Ribbon, with the simple knot, is part of the finishes.  But I also added a trio of the Boho Blue Dots from the Rainbow Dots.  Keeping the blue theme ties everything together.

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